Technical Workshop
Yacht technical workshop in Porto-Vecchio

Our technical workshop in Porto-Vecchio

All requests concerning the maintenance, servicing and repair of your yacht or boat :
If you are a boat owner or about to become one, let us take care of your yacht
For upkeeping
For technical reparations
To revive it for a second life

Our engineers will identify the issues after a diagnostic and will establish a plan of action, from the crane operation to taking the boat to our workshop and fixing it.

Technical Workshop

Armed with our technical skills, we worked on all materials used for navigation and naval architecture.

Wood, glass, polyester fibers, paint, upholstery … We realise hand tailored pieces, imagined by our technical office and realised with high end materials.
We also partner with american and italian experts on some particular pieces.

Maintenance of your yacht or boat in Porto-Vecchio
Our expertise is precise and we realize pieces acknowledging technical limitations. All demands have to be worked through individual estimates.