Yacht refit
Refit your yacht in Corsica

Refitting or relooking your yacht ?

The Offshore Marine technical workshop specializes in refit.

But do you know what the principles are ?

Eric, our expert, orchestrates the transformation of your ship.

It’s about valuing its strengths and focusing on treating and optimizing its weaknesses.


Some modifications are spectacular, others are more discreet
Refit can apply to the lines of the hulls, the aesthetics of the hulls, or to the exterior or interior designs while also optimizing the navigation power.

OTAM 45 :
Exterior refit : Design and construction of a roof
Interior refit : Open space

Redesign and optimize your boat
All transformation operations related to refit or makeover are evaluated by prior estimate.
Contact us for any request or advice, we will quickly study your project and advise you on suitable techniques and materials.