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Lavezzi day trip

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For the day :

South of Corsica: Cavallo, Lavezzi Islands, Piantarella, Roccapina, Murtoli, Bonifacio…

North of Sardegna: Costa Smeralda and archipelagos La Maddalena.

A tour of Corsica ? or La costa Smeralda ?
For a mini-cruise, set up on board, let your senses awake …

Head South, Lavezzi’s archipelagos

In the direction of the extreme South, the archipelagos of the Lavezzi is a must see:
This wild oasis, made of granite islets, is a protected nature reserve. Its pure, crystalline waters are home to exceptional wildlife. Anchor in the turquoise of Cala Lazarina, explore the lighthouse and dive in the magic wreck of La Sémillante.

Cavallo Island is the only inhabited one. A tiny Paradise made of Maquis and fine sand, a magical environment now private and exclusive to billionaires who lives in luxurious villas. If you wish to stop for a lunch in one of the two restaurants of the island, we can guarantee you’ll have a high end experience.

Lavezzi islands by the sea

Murtoli by the sea

Accost by the sea at the Murtoli domain is pure bliss.
Here, luxury makes sense : Calm, simplicity and volupté… A lifestyle
On the west coast, within the Roccapina bay, Murtoli embodies wild nature luxuriously preserved.

Murtoli offers the beauty of a natural heritage nestled between land and sea. Seductively enhancing our countryside, ancient stone buildings have been renovated in an exceptional setting, preserved and maintained to perfection.

From the white sand beach, enter this exclusive site, its stone buildings entirely rehabilitated, its restaurants and golf club.
Plan in advance your lunch reservation …

Murtoli by the sea

Scandola reserve

From the north shore of the Girolata Golfe, in the south of the Galeria, the Scandola nature reserve is accessible only by sea (UNESCO Patrimony).
The extraordinary richness of the seabeds and amazing preservation of the biodiversity make of Scandola a true gem.

This extreme western part of the island is marvelous for its purity. Discovering the reserve and its endemic species by the sea is an intimate encounter with Corsica that we will share with you in the respect of nature.

Tour de Corse en yacht

Tour of Corsica or Costa Smeralda

Offshore Marine organizes for you a 3 days trip to make your dreams come true.
Explore the marvelous wonders of the Corsican coast, meet the people, their nature, their History, traditions and their gastronomy.

Aboard an elegant and fast boat, guided by a professional skipper in love with his island’s beauty, live a 3 days Odyssey around “l’île de Beauté” or Sardegna. We will suggest a 3 days trip for the maximum comfort conditions.

Cap Corse

Sunset aperitif

As the heat of the day gradually subsides, the sun begins to set, adorning the sea with pastel hues. It’s the perfect moment to make the most of the sun’s last rays, incredible colours sparkling in our boat’s trace.

We will take you out to sea on a sunset getaway with time for a refreshing swim before an on-board aperitif and finger buffet. Take a break in front of the magnificent spectacle of a sunset on the most southerly coasts of the island.

This trip will leave you with a holiday souvenir that you will remember for a very long time – the impression that time has stopped on the water. The Offshore Marine team will take care of your every need and bring you safely back to shore at night so that you can continue your evening relaxed and soothed.

Sunset boat trip
The day trip is proposed for the maximum capacity of each boat.
The tour of Corsica or Sardinia is organized depending on the number of people and the capacity of berths and cabins for each type of boat.
The tour of Corsica or the Costa Smeralda trip (Sardinia) includes a boat kitty but mooring and port taxes will be billed separately.
The sunset aperitif trip is proposed by reservation depending on the number of people and the type of boat.
All these trips and any additional options will be detailed in a quote which must be accepted in its entirety before boarding.
Fuel is always charged separately as a supplement.
Nights spent on board by the crew will be charged as supplement: please contact us for further details.